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Yatsuzaki Kyouko (八津崎 匡子) is the teacher at Seidoukan Academy and a former student of Rewolf Black Institute. She was the leader of the only Rewolf team to win the Gryps.


Volume 8[]

After discussing the Gryps, Kyouko arrived, with Claudia announcing that they were going to start training from now on with her. Although the training rooms had holographic opponents, the experienced gained from fighting a real opponent was far greater. Kyouko used her abilities to create several puppets that had the abilities of her teammates from when she won the Gryps. As the match began, Ayato tried to attack his nearby opponent, however he was forced to dodge after receiving fire. After Kyouko lectured him on how his opponents wouldn't think of fighting him in close combat, Claudia and Kirin tried to attack her, though they were stopped by the puppets. He sensed through his shiki that Saya was about to fire, dodging to let her attack Kyouko directly. Kyouko easily blocked her attack with a wall of sand though using that time Julis had moved to her her blind spot. She tried to attack using Primrose and Amaryllis, and Kyouko dodged the first and absorbed the second, using it as her ability to force her opponents away. Kyouko then lectured them on their faults before resuming the match. From that time, Ayato and his team practiced with her once a week.


Strega (魔女): Kyouko can copy the abilities of Strega and Dante by sealing them as nails in her bat and using those nails whenever she wants to. The opponent is still able to use their own abilities. Kyouko can use multiple abilities at the same time.

Weapon: Kyouko wields a spiked bat that she uses with her ability.

Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Kyouko has enhanced physical ability and an aura known as prana.