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Yabuki Bujinzai (夜吹 憮塵斉) is Yabuki Eishirou's father.


Weapon: Bujinzai wields a special Khakkhara Lux with only the rings at the top made out of blades of light which also have a metal bar through them. By using this weapon along with his techniques, he is able to overpower strong opponents such as Alema Seiyng.

  • Tobi Kunai (飛苦無): Bujinzai also uses kunai that he can accurately throw at people to slow them down and wound them.

Utsushio (空汐): Using combinations of colors and patterns people instinctively avoid, Bujinzai imprints them into his opponent's subconscious to manipulate their movements. While Genestellar have a resistance against mental interference, the Utsushio directly affects the opponent's instinct, making Bujinzai able to use it regardless.