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Wu Xiaofei (武暁彗) is Fan Xinglou's first apprentice and a student of Jie Long Seventh Institute.


Xiaofei is described to be tall with sharp eyes and a fearless look. He has a well toned and tough body that could be recognized even with his clothes on. Xiaofei conducts himself without openings and seemingly has an aura that intimidates others.


Xiaofei usually secludes himself inside of the Oushinden and rarely shows himself. He is also generally reserved and doesn't show his emotions that easily though he can sometimes be a slight natural airhead. After the gryps he left the school to train abroad. During his one year absence he changed his fighting style and enhanced his Prana (which is really rare, it is not known how to improve onces prana tho he managed it with a instructor). He joined the lindwurm. During his fight with Julis, she noticed that not only his prana changed but also his personality almost like Fan Xinglou. Even though he's gotten stronger he lost to Julis during their match by her smashing his school crest only a second before he destroyed hers. Xinglou states that, if he never studied abroad, there was no doubt that he would've lost to Julis. Even with her training with Xinglou. So his power up leads to his defeat. But he did that in purpose not to stand behind Xinglou but to stand next to her and surpass her. That is his goal and with his rare new technique he fights against Xinglou after his match.


Xiaofei was originally from a pretty wealthy family that fell into a decline, resulting in the family breaking apart, leaving him with his mother. He lived with his mother for some time, moving from one provincial city to another, however as his mother was unable to withstand the harsh conditions of a poor life, she died soon after.

When he was six, he was near death in a desolate city next to the remains of the Qingyi River, Fortunately, he was found by Xinglou, who was still the second Banyuu Tenra at the time, taking him under her wing as her possession and training him as her first apprentice. Years later, Xiaofei came to Asterisk with Xinglou, and became a student at Jie Long.


Daoshi (道士): Xiaofei is a Daoshi, with skill far exceeding that of Cecily, who is considered to be a skilled Daoshi herself.

  • Kyuukyuunyoritsuryou, Choku (急急如律令、勅): Xiaofei uses this to create various attacks such as a lightning strike with light that can blind his opponents temporarily.

Spell Tags (呪符): Xiaofei utilizes spell tags in addition to his other abilities.

  • Flame Wall: Xiaofei can use it to create a wall of fire capable of melting a powerful Dante's ice. (unnamed)

Immense Strength: Xiaofei was easily able to overpower Seidoukan's Rank 4 student Nestor Fandorin using a Lux against his opponent's Dante abilities as well as shatter his ice simply by moving. He can also use punches with tremendous impact simply by softly striking the opponent as if he was stroking them. The power from these punches can create craters at his feet and cause the shock to run through the stage. He is also mentioned to be a far stronger martial artist than Hufeng, who is the leader of the Wood Faction which specializes in martial arts. After his training, he was shown to be able to punch through a mass produced AR-D's absolute barrier and destroy its body.

Seisenjutsu (星仙術): Xiaofei can utilize the Jie Long method of prana control. He is far more skilled at it than Cecily.

Dante (魔術師): During their strategy meeting, Julis mentioned that Xiaofei was a Dante, however his ability is unknown.

Lux: Xiaofei wields a Spear Lux.

Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Xiaofei has enhanced physical ability and an aura known as prana.

  • Superb Prana Control: Xiaofei is able to walk on water across vast distances using prana, a feat Kirin described as insane due to the amount of prana needed to maintain it.