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Wolt-Moon (ウォルト=ムーナ) is an Orga Lux owned by Rewolf Black Institute.


  • Melchior


Wolt-Moon was created by Ladislav Bartosik. It requires high cost from its user, and it has remarkably low compatibility rate, so it was used in Festa once, but it's power is too brutal, so after that it had gained notoriety in the underworld as a weapon used by Rewolf's most ruthless thugs. It's said that Wolt-Moon is even more powerful than Raksha-Nada.


Wolt-Moon has an ability to decompose anything it touches. For example, if it touches clothes, it will turn clothes to dust. However, what makes it especially brutal, it can decompose human body too. Similarly to Pan-Dora it has limited use, but it can't be restored once exhausted. Like the Four Colored Magic Swords, this is another weapon impossible to defend against. But its reach is rather short.