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Wings of Queenvail Light Novel Volume 2 (クインヴェールの翼 2) is the second volume of the Wings of Queenvail light novel.


For the sake of dreams and for the sake of Chloe, Team Kaguya takes on a new battle!

Minasagi and the other members of Team Kaguya, who belong to Queenvail Girls' Academy, the only all-girls school in the waterfront school city of Asterisk, are in search of their friend Chloe, who has suddenly disappeared, They meet Petra, the head of the board of trustees of Queenvail Girls' School, in search of Chloe, who has suddenly disappeared. However, what they got there was Petra's words, “Forget about Chloe Flockhart. At a loss for what to do, Sylvia Lyvynehym, a rare diva who is unquestionably the top-ranked diva at Quinvale Girls' Academy, appears before Minabagi. With her guidance, Minato and her friends decide to challenge “the strongest team in Queensvail” in order to get Chloe back! The second installment of the best school battle fantasy, the story of girls chasing their dreams begins! (Translated)