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Wings of Queenvail Light Novel Volume 1 (クインヴェールの翼 1) is the first volume of the Wings of Queenvail light novel.

Synopsis (Translated)[]

In the waterfront school city of Asterisk, the world's largest battle entertainment Festa is being held, where the winner's wish will be granted. Minato Wakamiya, who attends Queenvail Girls' Academy, the only all-girls school in Asterisk, is one of those fighting with a wish. However, Minato's fighting skills are still inexperienced, and she has suffered 49 consecutive defeats, the largest losing streak in Queenvail's history. A mysterious beautiful girl, Chloe, appears in front of her. Chloe not only gives Minato advice on how to fight, but also suggests that Minasagi, who has a fatal weakness, should participate in the “Gryps Festa”, a group competition for five people, and gather her friends. Now, the battle to capture the girl's dream begins...? Another story of the best school battle entertainment is about to begin!