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Duel Start (決闘開始) is the ninth chapter of the Wings of Queenvail manga.


At the arena, the Queenvail Girls' Academy students gathered recognized both teams that were about to have a practice match. While they knew Sandra's team, they didn't recognize Minato's team, though they began analyzing them, recognizing skilled fighters like Sophia. People especially had their eye on Minato, who recently obtained the alias of Kenin Fubatsu after defeating Violet to attain rank 35. Sophia was slightly concerned about their words but Chloe asked her to concentrate. She told them that they only had a ten percent chance of winning, however Minato told her that it would be enough. Chloe wondered why Minato was excited and she answered that it was because they would be able to fight together as a team.

As Chloe reminded Minato that this was the last time she would fight with them, she remembered her conversation with her superior the night before. Her superior had authorized her to fight in the match as it was one of her rare requests. However, her superior reminded her to not use her power, and Chloe assured her that she wouldn't. Satisfied, her superior wished her luck and canceled the call.

Chloe was brought back to her senses by Minato, then reminded them to try and finish their opponents off quickly. As they lined up, Violet declared that she would get revenge, but Minato casually greeted her, causing Violet to wonder if she was being made fun of. Sandra took a look at her, then turned her attention to Nina. She expressed her surprise that Nina would challenge her, telling her that it was laughable, as well as mocking her by telling her that she wasn't good enough. Chloe came to her defense by stating that Sandra is someone that is unable to judge people properly. Sandra wondered if she was talking about her, prompting Chloe to confirm it, mentioning that she could use Nina far better than Sandra could. With that, Sandra walked off to join her team. While she walked off, Chloe told Nina that if she was frustrated, she needed to prove that she was more than a tool through her own actions.

Minato challenged Sandra's team and she accepted. Immediately, Violet attacked Minato with her incendiary bombs. She dodged the attacks, though that caused her to come within Padma's range, forcing her to block her strike. Sophia came to her aid before Padma could attack again, while also blocking Divica's attack. Minato knew that she needed to defeat Sandra and set her sights on her. Subashini tried to block her but was caught off guard by Chloe's shooting. She then uses Subashini's weapon to pass by her. Seeing this, Violet tried to attack her with incendiary bombs only for them to be shot down by Yuzuhi's arrows.

Soon after, Minato stepped in a puddle of water on her way to Sandra, quickly jumping away when she sensed an attack. Sandra sent a dragon made of water after her while she was in the air which was blocked by Nina's Jack Rampart, allowing Minato to regroup with her. Sandra praised her defense, though quickly moved on to praising Chloe for her tactics. However, Sandra didn't think that they were enough to defeat her, telling them if they didn't think of something she would finish the fight.