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Chloe's Power (クロエの力) is the fifteenth chapter of the Wings of Queenvail manga.


At a cafe, Sophia demanded to know why Chloe debuted as an idol. Chloe herself didn't know either as all she did was follow Sylvia's condition. Yuzuhi wondered what Sylvia was planning, prompting Nina to ask if she asked her, though Chloe told her that Sylvia brushed her off every time she tried to ask. However, Minato told them to not worry about it, causing Sophia to wonder if Sylvia had ulterior motives, though Minato denied it as she knew Sylvia wasn't that kind of person. She then mentioned that she bought Chloe's new song, and the others revealed that they also did. The girls praised her song though they noted that it was similar to Sylvia's songs, prompting her to reveal that not only was Sylvia composing songs for her but was also her producer. Chloe revealed that she had no desire to sing and told everyone to start training. As she left, Minato wondered if her opinion would change if she herself changed.

The girls moved to a Queenvail Girls' Academy to begin their training. Minato asked if they weren't going to do any teamwork training and Chloe told her that any superficial training wasn't going to work. After splitting Minato, Yuzuhi, Sophia, and Nina into two teams, she stood off to the side. Once the match began, Sophia ran forward, easily passing by Minato, but was forced to stop after dodging an arrow from Yuzuhi. Minato fought back against Sophia though she saw that Nina was moving to attack Yuzuhi. As both girls received attacks, Minato decided to tackle Sophia and try to subdue Nina after. She succeeded in passing Sophia but walked right into Nina's swing. However, before the swing connected, Minato heard Chloe inside of her mind, ordering her to jump. She obeyed her order, letting Yuzuhi's arrow hit Nina's emblem.

After the match, the girls were surprised at how Chloe was able to speak directly into their minds, with Chloe revealing that she was in complete control of the match. Yuzuhi remarked that they weren't going to work on teamwork but rather have Chloe create it for them based on the situation. Chloe told everyone to think their opinion her way if they had any problems with her orders, prompting the others to assume that she was also able to receive communications, something she confirmed. Sophia wondered if that meant she was able to read people's minds, though Chloe revealed that she was only able to sense thoughts directed at her. She then had everyone resume their training, telling them that they would add this training starting that day.

In a hotel room, the members of Rusalka complained while relaxing about how Petra was giving them too much work. Monica complained about having to have a practice match at the end of the year, causing Mahulena to mention that they won against Sandra's team. However, Tuulia noted that they were simply all talk, and Monica added that they problem got ahead of themselves after Sandra received an Orga Lux. As they read the data, the members were surprised that Minato's team won considering their skills. They also recognized Chloe and wondered what she was doing. At that point Mahulena revealed that Sylvia was producing Chloe, causing the other members to protest the fact. Mahulena watched as the other members formed a plan and had no choice but to follow along.