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Farewell and Encounter (別れと出会い) is the twelfth chapter of the Wings of Queenvail manga.


Minato and the others visited the president's office after receiving a call from Petra Kivilehto. Once they entered, Petra congratulated them on their win. Sophia greeted Petra, revealing to everyone that they were acquaintances. However, Petra revealed that it was her who invited Sophia to Queenvail Girls' Academy, thanking her for choosing Queenvale while the others chose Saint Galahadworth Academy. She noticed that Sophia was still blaming herself and told her that she knew about her trauma, mentioning that she didn't need to worry even if she didn't produce good results. Yuzuhi stepped in and brought the topic back to Chloe, prompting Petra to apologize for digressing.

Coming back to the topic, Petra told them to forget about Chloe. Minato adamantly refused while Yuzuhi asked for a reason. Petra confirmed that Chloe was indeed a member of Benetnasch but denied that she got in contact with them because of a mission, revealing that she did by her own will. When Yuzuhi asked for a further explanation, Petra explained that Chloe was a Strega that the government doesn't know about. She further revealed that as Queenvale owned her, there was nothing they could do about it. Petra made sure they knew that she wasn't negotiating them, once against telling them to forget about Chloe before having them leave.

In her room, Chloe recalled her last day as a member of HRMC. Roverika complained that Asterisk was a boring place while Medurone complained that she had more work in taking care of Roverika. Nevilleworth expressed his disappointment that such a useful member like Chloe would be leaving their team, causing her to note that she was nothing more than a team member. As she came back from her memories, she wondered why she helped Minato. She noted that the use of her power helped the team win and help Nina break free from her troubles, though she was disappointed that she couldn't be by Minato's side any longer. Tired, Chloe laid down on her bed, commenting that things such as dreams were something distant from her.

That night, Minato walked while thinking about what they needed to do. Noticing the moon, she recalled that the moon was also full the night they first met. However, this caused her to bump into someone, quickly apologizing for her mistake. The person recognized her and mentioned that she was a fan of hers. Minato quickly realized who the person in front of her was, recognizing her as the student council president of Queenvale, Sylvia Lyyneheym.