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Proof of Growth (成長の証) is the eleventh chapter of the Wings of Queenvail manga.


As Nina declared that she wanted to defeat Sandra, Minato agreed to help her reach her. Sandra saw what they were going to do and labeled it as laughable.

A while earlier, the girls played cards over and over, only for Nina to win every time. Yuzuhi wondered if she had played many times, however Nina revealed that she used to play by herself as she didn't have any friends. Sophia thought that they could instead train but changed her mind when the others decided to focus on playing with cards.

Back at the match, Nina's image had solidified, though she knew that it wouldn't be enough to defeat Sandra. Suddenly, a voice sounded in her head which she recognized as Chloe's voice. Chloe ordered her to move over and aim a little to the right of Sandra as she had a habit of moving to the left. Nina did as she was told and shot a Queen High Straight straight at her. Sandra tried to block it with a dragon of water but the Queen High Straight easily destroyed it and her school emblem. After winning, Nina moved over to a shocked Sandra and was about to say something before Minato hugged her, completely getting rid of any thoughts of revenge against Sandra. However, Minato collapsed, causing her teammates to rush to her side.

Minato was taken to the clinic where she was diagnosed as simply having a prana outage. At that moment Jan Korbel entered the room while complaining about young people. Chloe was wary of him, prompting him to assure her that there wasn't anything wrong with Minato, revealing to everyone that she had an abnormal prana recovery rate. He asked for Minato to stay at the clinic for a couple days. After he left, Minato noticed that Chloe had a dark look on her face. When she asked her about it, Chloe brushed it off, telling her to work hard to achieve her goals. The others left to let Minato rest.

Days later, Minato and the others gathered to discuss where Chloe had gone to. They couldn't reach her at her phone, and she hadn't gone to class or returned to her dorm room. Sophia revealed that they tried asking the school but the school simply told them to not worry about it. She then mentioned that after discussing it while MInato was hospitalized, they came to the conclusion that Chloe was a member of Benetnasch. At that point Nina revealed to everyone about Chloe's abilities, bringing rise to the possibility that she was a Strega. As their leader, Minato decided they would find her, and the others agreed. While they discussed their next course of action, Minato received a call on her phone, only to be shocked when she saw who it was. Minato showed everyone the caller which was none other than Chloe herself.