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Reason to Fight (戦う理由) is the tenth chapter of the Wings of Queenvail manga.


In a Queenvail Girls' Academy training room, Chloe told everyone that they would train, prompting Sophia to point out that they already were. Chloe told her that she meant training Nina's abilities, revealing the result of their practice match would be decided on whether she could properly use them. Minato wondered if she was referring to using her abilities along with the teamwork, however Chloe wanted her to develop them instead. Unfortunately, there was no way she could teach Nina as Strega abilities formed based on the user's image, and any advice might have a harmful effect on sensitive people like her. To help her, Chloe threw her a deck of cards, announcing that they would all play.

Back at the match, Minato protected Nina from Sandra's attack. She told Nina to run but then noticed that the water was restraining her leg. As Sandra began another attack, Minato used Shouketsu to blow away the water, allowing both of them to escape. Nina noted Minato was injured, though she told her not to worry about it, instead asking her to fight back. She tried using Nine Bullet but Sandra countered by blocking them with water. However, this allowed Minato to move in on her, which she attempted to stop by trapping her legs in water. Nina gave her support to bypass the water and the pair attacked Sandra, causing her to knock them back with her water. Sandra then told them not to underestimate her.

A short distance away, Sophia was successfully holding back Padma, Subashini, and Divica by herself. Subashini praised her efforts but told her that all they needed to do was hold the others back while Sandra took care of the others.

After attacking Nina with a dragon of water, Sandra mocked her efforts, informing her that everything she did was halfway. She tried to finish her off but Minato blocked her attack, causing Sandra to attack them again. While Sandra's attack flew at them, Nina asked Minato why she helped her, mentioning that like Sandra said, she was useless. Minato answered that it was because she wanted to become friends with her, also mentioning that the important thing was what Nina wanted to. Nina, cheered up by her words, declared that she wanted to defeat Sandra.