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Wakamiya Minato (若宮 美奈兎) is a student of Queenvail Girls' Academy and the protagonist of Wings of Queenvail. She forms and leads Team Kaguya in the Gryps Festa and it is a central point of her aforementioned spin-off novels.


Minato is positive no matter what happens and never gives up in her quest to achieve her goal. She will help others if needed, as shown when she protected Chloe when Violet became angry for bumping into her.


Genkuuryuu (玄空流): Minato uses the Genkuuryuu as her main method of attacking.

  • Senpa (旋破): Minato moves in on her opponent, slightly jumps, rears her arm back, and punches her opponent in the chest.
  • Ratetsu (螺鉄)
  • Tentsui (転槌): Minato blocks the opponent's attack through a shirahadori, then spins to remove the weapon from her opponent's hands. Using the momentum, Minato follows up with an elbow strike to her opponent's chest.
  • Shouketsu (衝抉): Minato draws her arm up and delivers a powerful punch to the ground, creating a shockwave capable of blowing away everything nearby.
  • Junshuu (巡蹴): Minato delivers a kick using momentum from a spin to her opponent.
  • Renrin (鎌輪): Minato deliver a low sweep kick to her opponent to knock them off balance.

Conveyance (伝達): Minato is able to use the powers and skills of others through Chloe's Strega abilities. She is currently the only one capable of doing so and can only use it for a maximum of ten seconds.

Lux: Minato wears Dual Knuckle Luxes in combat.

  • Orga Lux: Minato obtained the Orga Lux Jarngreipr (重鋼手甲), which allows her to change its weight. Its cost is sleep. She pairs it with her Genkuryuu to unleash devastating blows against her opponent. Using the Orga Lux helps her use far less prana than normal, allowing her to last longer in battle due to her limited amount of prana.

Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Minato has enhanced physical ability and an aura known as prana.

Abnormal Prana Recovery: According to Jan Korbel, despite having a small prana amount, Minato has an abnormal prana recovery rate, being able to recover from a prana outage that would normally take a person a month in just a few hours. Later on, Xinglou revealed that some Genestellar with low prana levels like Minato have a special trait where instead of falling unconscious after using all of their prana, their body temporarily creates an outburst of prana to get through the situation. As a cost, the ability shortens her lifespan by a certain amount. As it's a part of her constitution, it's difficult to control, and therefore Minato has to learn how to fight effectively without using up all of her prana.