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Valda-Vaoth (ヴァルダ=ヴァオス) is the Orga Lux currently controlling Ursula Svento's body and a member of the Golden Bough Alliance. It was created by Ladislav Bartosik and is the only Orga Lux to be able to operate on its own.


Valda-Vaoth is a large necklace with a black Urm Manadyte at the center. The necklace itself is of a mechanical design and the Urm Manadyte at the center made it seem like the eye of a monster. According to Narcisse, Orga Lux are generally made in the shape of weapons, therefore Orga Lux like Valda-Vaoth are unheard of.


Valda-Vaoth has a serious yet somewhat lax personality, as shown when it told Madiath to hurry up with his business, but accidentally let itself be seen by Sylvia during her attempt to recruit Xinglou into the Golden Bough Alliance. It doesn't have much of an attachment to Ursula, stating that it didn't really care for its current body, and has a hard time differentiating between people it doesn't consider to be important. It also seems to resent the four colored magic swords, annoyed that they are constantly used to cut through its power.


Valda-Vaoth is capable of manipulating the minds of others, including other Orga Lux, though its range is relatively small. It is currently forcing the mind of Ursula Svento to hibernate, though if it tries to access her mind, there is a chance that she may reawaken. It can knock others unconscious, manipulate memories, and cover a certain area in complete darkness. In addition, it can replicate any mental abilities as long as it knows the process and effects of said ability. The cost of Valda-Vaoth is the user's own body, which makes it the only Orga Lux that the user doesn't actually use.

  • Recognition Interference (認識干渉): Valda-Vaoth creates a field that prevents people inside of it from recognizing certain things even though they may feel like they've seen/heard the thing in question. Despite this, it doesn't prevent people from recognizing others within the field, as Ayato and Ernest were able to recognize each other. Valda-Vaoth cannot perfectly maintain this field when the Evasion Field is activated at the same time.
  • Evasion Field (忌避領域): Valda-Vaoth creates a field that forces people to avoid the area it covers, clearing said area of any unwanted people. It cannot perfectly maintain this field when Recognition Interference is activated at the same time.
  • Light Manipulation: Valda-Vaoth is capable of manipulating the dark light created from the Urm Manadyte core of the Orga Lux into various objects such as a large battleaxe.
  • Yabuki Jutsu: Due to being able to replicate any mental abilities, Valda-Vaoth can replicate the Yabuki clan's jutsu of interfering with a target's sense of direction, which it used to bring Ayato and Haruka to the redevelopment area.