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Umenokouji Fuyuka (梅小路 冬香) is a student of Jie Long Seventh Institute.


Fuyuka has long, shiny black hair and needle thin eyes, along with a delicate yet graceful physique. She wears the Jie Long uniform with a plum patterned komon kimono instead of the usual uniform jacket.


Fuyuka speaks with a Kyoto dialect.


Fuyuka is a member of the Umenokouji Clan, the only other family in Japan other than the Yabuki Clan that had a special bloodline before the Invertia occurred. She spends her time in Xinglou's temple researching jutsu.


Daoshi (道士): Fuyuka is a Daoshi.

  • Kyuukyuunyoritsuryou, Choku (急急如律令、勅): The Umenokouji clan is known for creating and using shikigami, and as a member of the clan, Fuyuka is able to summon shikigami to serve her using a fan made of spell tags. These are special systemized techniques that the Umenokouji clan has developed for more than a thousand years and are normally closely guarded, though Fuyuka was able to restore a lost Umenokouji secret art thanks to Xinglou. The jutsu Fuyuka uses involve different hand seals, which she is able to weave at high speed, than the ones used in seisenjutsu, and use far more prana than the latter. According to Alema, they could possibly work against Orphelia. Fuyuka's use of shikigami doesn't violate festa rules as she summoned them herself.
    • Hyakki Yakou (百鬼夜行): Hyakki Yakou is a group of a hundred shikigami, some of which include a giant one eyed crow, a giant head with a leg, a skeleton wearing armor, and a boulder with a set of sharp teeth. The shikigami are able to act on their own without Fuyuka's orders. Despite their numbers, Xinglou states that they are a low level shikigami.
    • Gigoku (魏獄): Gigoku is a red two horned three eyed oni wearing old armor that's more than two meters tall. It wields a double bladed axe and chain and is able to speak. It is incredibly powerful, able to cut apart Noelle's thorn giant with ease, and punch it away with incredible force. According to Fuyuka, Gigoku has been alive for a 1000 years.
    • Giken (魏圏): Giken is a one horned woman oni with a blue skin and four hands. It can cast powerful curses that are weirdly effective agains genestellas, and wields bow that can generate arrows on it's own. During battle against Ayato, it was able to fight in perfect coordination with Gigoku.
    • Meidouki (冥慟鬼): Although it hasn't appeared yet, Xinglou mentioned that Meidouki is a shikigami that the Umenokouji clan spent a thousand years creating and is considered to be the ultimate shikigami.

Martial Arts: According to Alema, Fuyuka uses a unique form of martial art, however she isn't as skilled as Xiaofei. Her martial art is mainly comprised of throwing techniques similar to jujutsu.

Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Fuyuka has enhanced physical ability and an aura known as prana.


  • Fuyuka claims to be a student of Xinglou despite only being a guest, and Xinglou herself has no problems with this and treats her the same as her other students.
  • She defeated easily the weapons from Allekant academy which powerfully defeated Cecely and Hufeng during the Lindurm final.