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Toudou Kotoha (刀藤 琴葉), née Rokujou (六城), is Kirin's mother.


Kotoha has sleek black hair that she has tied with a barrette. Although she's a head taller, her facial features are similar to her daughter. She wears a neat and trim white sweater and her chest size is around the same size as her daughter's own.

During the new years celebrations, Kotoha wore a tomesode, a formal kimono.


Kotoha has a cheerful and casual personality, even to people she's met for the first time like Ayato. She asked him and Kirin to let her in on their private conversation, encouraged them to flirt in front of her, and later tricked both of them into bathing in the hot springs at the same time. She claims to still be in training to be a proper wife, causing Ayato to be confused as to how long she's been doing so as she started before she got married.

She is shown to refer to Toudou Seijirou and Toudou Kouichirou with nicknames, calling them Sei-chan and Kou-chan respectively, though the latter doesn't really like it.


Amagiri Sakura[]

Kotoha was friends with Sakura when she used to be Yachigusa Akari. However, as she has no idea that Akari changed her name, she doesn't realize that Ayato is her son.