Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Wiki

Amagiri Ayato[]

In their first meeting, Ayato notes that she is very strong, despite her looks and lack of a Lux weapon. As Ayato treats her kindly, she begins to develop feelings for him. Ayato is the one who helped inspire Kirin change in behaviour helping her grow in confidence and take control of her own decisionmaking. It is shown they have a high regard for each other, and develop into being good friends with each helping each other out. After Ayato visits the Toudou family home, she later confesses to him.

Sasamiya Saya[]

After beginning to train with Ayato and Julis together, Kirin and Saya form a tag team partnership for the Phoenix Festival. Once they start to form a team and train together they grow closer and become friends after initially lacking proper teamwork. They call each other by their first names.

Toudou Kouichiro[]

At first, she followed Kouichiro blindly and even let him hit her. She was mistreated when she doesn't follow his orders. Her uncle is only helping her to free her father for his own personal gain in attempting to get a promotion. Kirin later decides to take charge of her own training and leave her uncle. Later on in Volume 11 it is shown that her uncle has somewhat mellowed out, with him being less aggressive.

Toudou Seijirou[]

Seijirou is Kirin's father and first teacher in the Toudou style of swordsmanship. He protected her during an attempted kidnapping with his actions in self-defense causing him to be put in prison (As Genestellar's earn harsher sentences due to their strength). Kirin's motivation was at Asterisk was to win a festa and use her wish to free her father, which she eventually achieved after she was part of Team Enfield's winning team. He is known to be a strict but kind parent who cares alot of about Kirin, indicating a close relationship.