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Toudou Kirin (刀藤 綺凛) is a student of Seidoukan Academy.


Kirin has long silver hair, with two small twin tails with a braid wrapped around each, and grey eyes. She appears to be shorter than most of the characters. She wears the Seidoukan Academy uniform jacket and skirt. She also wears a grey belt with light red designs. Her jacket seems to have trimmings on the upper sleeves. After meeting her, both Ayato and Saya immediately noted that Kirin is unusually well endowed for her age.

During the time before the Lindwurm, Kirin changed her hairstyle from twin tails to a single ponytail. In addition, her breasts were noted to still be growing in size.


Kirin is generally shy, sweet, and polite. Due to her childhood trauma of indirectly causing her father to be incarcerated, she is initially self-loathing. As such, despite her exceedingly incredible fighting abilities, she puts the wishes of others before her own and allows herself to be used by her uncle, as well as blaming herself whenever anything bad happens when she is around.

After being inspired by Ayato to be her own person instead of someone else's tool, she begins to be more assertive, although she is still full of self-doubt and as such, she regularly apologizes profusely whenever she finds herself to have offended others in any way, even when it is not entirely her fault. As she is used to being treated as a tool instead of a person, she is slow to warm up to others, but in time has proven herself to be a good friend.

Also, Kirin has a fear of planes, and can't swim even though she retains her reflexes underwater.


Kirin was born into the Toudou family's main family as the first daughter and only child. As a result, she is extensively trained in the family's fighting style, the Toudouryuu. When she was younger, she was taken hostage in an attempted robbery. Her father killed the robber, however because he was a Genestella and the robber was a normal person, the incident didn't qualify as self defense and therefore he was sent to prison for murder. A while later, she entered Seidoukan Academy under the care of her uncle, Toudou Kouichiro.


Toudouryuu (刀藤流): Kirin uses the Toudouryuu as her main method of attack.

  • Renzuru (連鶴): The Toudouryuu has 49 techniques that can be chained together to create fluid attacks. It is called Renzuru due to accurate attacks driving the opponent into a corner being similar to folding a paper crane. According to Yoshino, Kirin is able to use this with perfect skill on par with the founding master, far surpassing both Seijirou and herself, causing Yoshino to nickname it as New Renzuru (連鶴・新). The 49 techniques in order are:
    • Ehiroi (拾餌), Tsurifune (釣船), Myoumyou (妙妙), Imoseyama (妹背山), Yatsuhashi (八橋), Mukashiotoko (昔男), Sazanami (楽々波), Karyoubin (迦陵頻), Fuyou (芙蓉), Kumagae (熊谷), Kazaguruma (風車), Murakumo (村雲), Kuretake (呉竹), Yume no Kayohiji (夢の佳通ひ路), Kumanri (久万里), Nunosarashi (布晒), Yotsunosode (四ツの袖), Tsukubane (つく羽根), Seigaiha (青海波), Omodaka (澤瀉), Hiyoku (比翼), Hyoutanmachi (瓢箪町), Sekirei (鶺鴒), Mitsudomoe (三巴), Hinaasobi (雛遊び), Kanae (鼎), Yadorigi (寄木), Hanatachibana (花橘), Hourai (蓬莱), Hanamiguruma (花見車), Naruko (鳴子), Hanabishi (花菱), Hyakkaku (百鶴), Saotome (早乙女), Mitsugaichi (三が一), Asagao (蕣), Yokogumo (横雲), Souji (荘子), Sugomori (巣籠), Aioi (相生), Fuuran (風蘭), Yoshiwarasuzume (葭原雀), Haru no Akebono (春の曙), Rindouguruma (龍膽車), Ari no Tou (蟻の塔), Yakanbei (野干平), Kakitsubata (杜若), Uri no Tsuru (瓜の蔓), and Inazuma (稲妻).

Amagiri Shinmeiryuu (天霧辰明流): Kirin is only able to use one technique from the Deep Level that she can use without the Shiki but through sword skills alone.

Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Kirin has enhanced physical ability and an aura known as prana. In fact, she is a second-generation Genestellar, gifting her with abilities that are generally considered superior to the first generation.

Senrigan (千里眼): During Team Enfield's match with Team Huanglong, Kirin awakened the ability to see a person's will to move, allowing her to read the movements of her opponents and memorize things such as hand signs and lip movements. According to Xinglou, the user uses prana to see the pulsating flow of life (生命の脈流), and compares it to mind reading rather than a future seeing ability like Pan-Dora. As this ability puts stress on her eyes and requires a large amount of prana to use, overusing it causes her eyes to lose focus, become sensitive to light, and make her faint due to prana loss.

Orga Lux (純星煌式武装): Kirin wielded a normal katana named Senbakiri (千羽切) until it was destroyed during the Gryps. She now uses the Orga Lux Fudaraku (芙堕落) and a katana named Hiinamaru (雛丸) given to her by Kouichirou. Fudaraku allows her to charge sword energy while it's sheathed to increase its power and sharpness at the cost of the time required to do so.


  • Oriha (折り羽): Kirin makes the opponent think that she's drawn her weapon but in actuality it is still sheathed. This gives Kirin an opening to attack her opponent.


  • Hashibami (嘴食み): Kirin runs, then throws her weapon after taking a large step forward.


Deep Level

  • Gyakurasetsu (逆羅刹): Kirin controls the flow of power from several opponents to make them kill each other. She uses her own version of Gyakurasetsu. This technique was originally known as Sakarasetsu until volume 7.


  • According to the author, Kirin's birthday is November 11th, her horoscope is Scorpio, and her blood type is A. Her birthday is based on Origami Day.
  • Kirin's three sizes are 88-57-82.