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A page explaining the various terms in Gakusen Toshi Asterisk.


Invertia (落星雨): The Invertia is an unprecedented catastrophe that assaulted the earth during the 20th century. Meteors rained down across the world, bringing severe destruction to many cities. Because of this, the power of countries dwindled, giving rise to the Integrated Enterprise Foundation. As observation organizations were unable to find any warning signs, it is presumed to be much more than a simple meteor shower. A previously unknown element known as Mana was discovered from the meteors, furthering technology and giving birth to people with special powers known as Genestella.

Fan Xinglou doesn't believe that the Invertia was a natural disaster, instead believing that someone intentionally caused it. In the holographic reproduction she showed Ayato and Sylvia, "the meteors looked like they appeared out of nowhere", "on impact, the ground took the shape of magic circles", and "anything inside of the magic circles seemed to be teleported away", supporting her claims. In addition, Xinglou believes that similar events happened before Invertia and explains that Mana, Manadyte, and Genestella existed before though they were in small amount.

Integrated Enterprise Foundation (統合企業財体): See Integrated Enterprise Foundation.

Festa (星武祭): See Festa.

Meteor Engineering (落星工学): Meteor Engineering is the term that refers to the study of mana and the meteors that came from Invertia. While there are still many unknowns about the workings of mana, Manadyte research using the rare metals in the meteors has been going smoothly and is now used in a variety of ways.

Stella Carta (星武憲章): The Stella Carta is a set of strict rules that apply to all students in Asterisk. Those that break them receive a harsh punishment which includes expulsion. The important items are as follows:

  • Duels within Asterisk between students are permitted only if the intention is to destroy each other's school emblems.
  • The period in which students within Asterisk can participate in Festas is limited to a ten year span between 13 and 22 years of age.
  • The number of times in which a student within Asterisk can participate in a Festa is a maximum of three times.
  • It is prohibited for a student to transfer to a different school if they are already a student of another.

Named Charts (在名祭祀書): The Named Charts is a ranking list that displays the skilled students of each school based on the ranking system of each school. There are a total of 72 spots.

Page One (冒頭の十二人): The Page One are students that are on the first page of the Named Charts of each school. These 12 are experienced, and whenever they duel a bookmaker opens and the reporting clubs do a live broadcast. They are also watched as a source of data and there are those that desire to replace them when they have the chance. Students who are on page one, gain special privileges from their school, such as being given private rooms/residences, and the opportunity to claim an Ogra Lux etc. These students are also generally famous at their school and Asterisk at large. The top 10 Page One students of Saint Gallardworth Academy are known as the Lifelordes (銀翼騎士団) with the rest being potential candidates.

Jade Twilight (翡翠の黄昏): Jade Twilight was Asterisk's largest hostage terror crisis. Ladislav Bartosik was presumed to be the one behind the criminal group's ideology. The criminal group consisted of 77 people including student sympathizers, with a fourth only assisting for monetary purposes. Helga Lindwall resolved the incident herself, and the mastermind and main members were all arrested except for seven. In actuality, the incident was caused by students that Valda-Vaoth implanted with thoughts of Genestella supremacy.

Eclipse (蝕武祭): The Eclipse was an illegal tournament with no rules. Giving up isn't allowed, and the match is decided either by one contestant losing consciousness or dying. The tournament was destroyed by Helga Lindwall and the Stjarnagarm. The organizer was considered to be Danilo Bertoni. The venue was located on Asterisk's lowest level, at the bottom of the ballast area, in other words, inside of water.

Unified Ranking (統一ランキング): Unified Rankings are unofficial rankings separate from the Named Charts kept by the others school and contains students from all schools. The two most famous websites are Óðrerir (詩の蜜酒) and Hexa Pantheon (六万神殿). Óðrerir has been operated by an individual since the founding of Asterisk and is known for its accuracy. On the other hand, Hexa Pantheon uses an evaluation system through participation from viewers. Both rankings have Orphelia Landlufen as rank 1. Hexa Pantheon also has a student ranking that includes former students which has Helga Lindwall as rank 1.


Mana (万応素): Mana is a previously unknown element that was brought to Earth by the Invertia. Currently mana is located anywhere across the world. It reacts to the will of those that have fulfilled certain requirements, linking with the elements in the surroundings to change into phenomenon and materials.

Genestellar (星脈世代): Genestellar are a new race that were born from the influence of mana. They overturn previous common sense with their enhanced physical ability and have an aura known as prana. Those that can link with mana through flesh and blood are known as Strega if female and Dante if male. They are heretical in the eyes of the general public and there are a number of students who come to Asterisk after feeling potential discrimination. That discrimination is one of the reasons why criticism of Festas doesn't centralize. Due to them being far stronger when compared to regular humans, they are bound by far harsher laws as a way to keep them in check. For example, while a regular human would've gotten away with killing another person in self-defense, Genestellar who are in the same predicament would be judged to be murderers and sentenced accordingly instead.

Strega (魔女): See Strega.

Dante (魔術師): See Dante.

Prana (星辰力): Prana is the special aura that Genestellar have. Strega and Dante use this source to use their powers. If someone uses all of their prana, they will faint, though it will recover with time. Prana control is a basic ability of Genestellar and can be used to heighten attack or defense. The effect is especially remarkable with defense. Prana is the reason why students don't suffer from fatal injuries despite fighting with strong weapons.

Seisenjutsu (星仙術): Seisenjutsu is a mana control technique that Jie Long Seventh Institute created and developed. Those that use Seisenjutsu are known as Daoshi. Strega and Dante abilities are based on the talent of the individual while Seisenjutsu aims to generalize it to a certain extent as a technique. However, fundamentally those that don't have talent as a Strega or Dante can't learn it. Seisenjutsu works by distributing the reaction of mana throughout the body, making it learnable as a systematic technique. Strega and Dante normally specialize in one ability, though Daoshi are able to utilize a wide range of abilities through training.

Ghastliness (鬼気): Haruka speculates that a person's ghastliness affects the quality and density of their prana.


Manadyte (マナダイト): Manadyte is a special ore that is created through mana crystallizing. By giving a certain amount of pressure, it has a property able to memorize and fixate a certain element pattern. It is normally not available on Earth and is mined from the meteors from Invertia. It is used as a core for Lux and items created by using Rakusei Kougaku. According to Valda-Vaoth, Manadyte and Urm Manadyte have "memories" of "that world" which begin to deteriorate over time if cut out from a meteor, though Urm Manadyte are strong enough to resist it. She further explains that this is one of two reasons why Hilda's experiments failed after Orphelia's own.

Urm Manadyte (ウルム=マナダイト): Urm Manadyte is the general term used for Manadyte of extremely high purity. There are far less in terms of numbers and Lux made with it as a core are known as Orga Lux. There are several different colors and sizes with no two being the same, and they are said to have their own will. Xinglou refers to Urm Manadyte as Jokaseki (女媧石), mentioning that there are several huge Urm Manadyte located in Huangshan, which she apparently used for unspecified purposes, adding that she stopped using them after she moved to Mount Emei as they were bothersome.

Lux (煌式武装): See Lux

Orga Lux (純星煌式武装): See Lux.

Meteor Arts (流星闘技): Meteor Arts is the process of temporarily strengthening the power of Lux. It uses a large amount of the user's prana. It is the process of temporarily overloading the Lux and the official title is Overboosted Mana Phenomenon (過励万応現象). It requires a considerable amount of training and precise Lux adjustments, making it something one can't use in a short period of time.