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Sylvia Lyyneheym (シルヴィア・リューネハイム) is the student council president and top ranked duelist of Queenvail Girls' Academy as well as the world's most famous idol.


Sylvia has long purple hair and purple eyes. She is breathtakingly beautiful. Despite her appearance, she is very strong, having won second place in the previous Lindwurm losing only to Orphelia. This makes her the second strongest fighter at Asterisk.

Sylvia can use the headphone shaped hair accessory she wears to change her hair color, and length. While in disguise, Sylvia has brown hair which she ties together. She hides her headphone shaped hair accessory under a purple hat.


Sylvia is bright and popular as she is the most famous idol in the world. She is playful around Ayato but understands how important her public appearance is. She is a genuinely caring and selfless person willing to help Ayato Amagiri escape when he was being chased by the mafia, and helping locate the kidnapped Flora. Her helpful nature is displayed when she explains that she helped him because "Who wouldn't want to help someone in their time of need".

She's a good judge of character being able to understand Ayato's nature after interacting with him for a short while. She's also very knowledgable about duelists being able to recognize instantly both Ayato in disguise and Nguyen of the Twin Snakes a former Jie Long rank #7 from years ago. Also shown when she watched Ayato's qualfying victory while she was still on tour in Europe.


Sylvia had a master, Ursula Svento, who taught her all she knows. After she went missing, she came to Asterisk to find her, and is currently trying to track her and Valda-Vaoth down.


Strega (魔女): Sylvia can use her singing to manipulate mana and control her surroundings, which makes her abilities as a Strega versatile as she isn't bound to a particular image. However, she has to write the song herself, she can't use any healing abilities, is limited to one ability per song, and her prana usage varies depending on what ability she is using, with her mentioning that using a time control ability similar to Helga's would instantly drain all of her prana.

Sylvia's Strega Ability
  • Search: After obtaining information about the target, Sylvia sings to locate it. Once she finishes singing, two black feathers spin around before narrowing down to a particular location. Depending on thing she searches, content of song changes. The song which was used to find Flora is titled Lonely Feather in the OST release.
    • She sings, "The two pairs of wings known as thought and memory, move around move around speedily run around, hold the voice of the captive beloved child, pass the sea of clouds of the dawn, ride on the wind of twilight, open guidance from the edge of dusk, the black servant of thought and memory, come down before me and speedily show me" (思考と記憶の二対の羽よ 巡れ巡れ疾く駆け巡れ 囚われの愛し子の声を持て 暁の雲海を超え 黄昏の風に乗り 宵闇の果てより導きを開け 思考と記憶の黒き御使いよ 我が前に舞い降りて疾く示せ).
    • Another song, "The two pairs of wings known as thought and memory, move around move around speedily run around, and tell me the lair of lurking demons, pass the sea of clouds of the dawn, ride on the wind of twilight, open guidance from the edge of dusk, the black servant of thought and memory, come down and show me this man" (思考と記憶の⼆対の⽻よ 巡れ巡れ疾く駆け巡れ 潜みし悪⻤の巣を告げよ 暁の雲海を超え ⻩昏の⾵に乗り 宵闇の果てより導きを開け 思考と記憶の⿊き御使いよ その者の息吹を我が前に⽰せ)
  • Wind Barrier: Sylvia creates strong currents of wind around her. She used this during her battle with Orphelia to block her miasma, though it was blown away when Orphelia caused her own miasma to explode with sparks.
    • She sings, (耳を澄ませ 故郷は遠く 楽園は砂塵の果て 紡ぐは風 吹き渡る風)
  • Self Strengthening: Sylvia strengthens her physical capabilities. According to her, she could potentially fight and win against Ernest, who is considered to be one of the best swordsmen, while strengthened as long as he didn't use Lei-Glems. During the Lindwurm, she uses an improved version of the song that would allow her to fight on par with the current Ayato.
    • She sings, (ぼくらは壁を打ち崩す 限界の先に境界を越え 傷を厭わずに 走れ 走れ). Later on, (想いだけでは追いつけないから 願うだけでは超えられないから 力の限り その先へ) is added.
  • Valkyries: Sylvia creates shining Valkyrie shadows with wings and a sword. She created 100 of them during her battle against Orphelia, however none of them were able to deal any damage to Orphelia due to her high prana levels.
    • She sings, (讃えよ 讃えよ 英霊の凱旋を 銀の煌きを 軍門は今 我らが前に 天は道を示し 祈りは剣に 願いは刃に 雄渾の歌よ高らかに!)
  • Wings of Light: Sylvia creates wings of light that allow her to fly.
    • She sings, (蒼穹を駆け 渾天を巡る意志の翼は いつの日かキミを 明日の向こうへ導くだろう)
  • Hollow Stars: Sylvia creates dozen of black holes of varying sizes, from the size of her fist to meter in diameter. They can suck anything, including Orphelia's miasms. Even Sylvia doesn't know where stuff disappears. Those can't be destroyes with direct strike, but they can be collapsed if they touch energy orbs from Orga Lux. This song is slow in tempo and low in pitch, and is said to be closer to opera.
    • She sings, (虚ろな⼼は冷え冷えと すべてを飲み込み溶かして混ぜて 暗く暗く夜天に輝く ⿊き星の瞬きは 残らずすべてを惹き寄せて 深く深く落ちていく 縮退星は彼⽅より 永久に永久に 虜囚となりて!)
  • Teleport: Sylvia teleport to any destination she can clearly imagine, ignoring any obstacles.
    • She sings, (瞬く間に君に会いに⾏くよ 空も星も銀河さえも跳び越えて 茨で閉ざされた城の奥まで 刹那の時も待たせずに)
  • Lux Empowerment: Sylvia concentrates prana into her Lux, and it's power becomes on par with Orga Lux. Orphelia said this song is unpleasant.
    • She sings, (君と過ごした 懐かしいあの⽇々を ボクはもう⼀度取り戻してみせる 切り開いてみせよう 叩き壊してみせよう 君のその⼿を掴むために)

Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Sylvia has enhanced physical ability and an aura known as prana.

Lux: Sylvia uses a custom made Lux known as Folkvangr (フォールクヴァング).


Amagiri Ayato[]

Sylvia enjoys teasing him, and has exchanged personal contact info with him. She initially treated him as a friend, but after their "date" at the school festival, and being rescued by Ayato, she starts to develop a crush on him. Her feelings become serious after Ayato pledges to help her solve her problem with Ursula Svento. They later spend more time together after collaborating to fight against the Golden Bough Alliance.


  • According to the author, Sylvia's birthday is October 1st, her horoscope is Libra, and her blood type is O.
  • Sylvia is famous enough that people who don't care about trends such as Ayato know who she is.
  • After meeting Ayato's group of friends. Sylvia and Saya hit of unexpectedly well.
  • Sylvia still doesn't know the first song that truly got her into singing.
  • She appears on many billboards in the show (Season 2, Episode 6).
  • She's the world top singer. Also has shown the ability to write and produce songs by herself, which she used to help Chloe.
  • Sylvia asks her friends to call her Sylvie.
  • She's very popular among fans of the Asterisk War series.