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Sophia Fairclough (ソフィア・フェアクロフ) is a student of Queenvail Girls' Academy. She is the younger sister of Ernest Fairclough.


Due to an accident, Sophia has trauma from when she was a child and is unable to hurt others. Because of this, she has lost in the Lindvolus qualifiers twice. She cares about her brother Ernest, her wish being to become the heir of the Fairclough family in his place to relieve him. In addition to that, she holds immense respect for him, mentioning that she would only be able to talk about a third of his splendor even if she spent all night and shortened it.


Master Swordsman: Sophia's sword skills were praised by multiple people including Sylvia Lyyneheym. According to Claudia, if one considered just her sword skills, she could potentially surpass her brother.

Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Sophia has enhanced physical ability and an aura known as prana.