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Snake Sword Ororomunt (蛇剣オロロムント) is an Orga Lux owned by Seidoukan Academy. It was used by Feardorcha O'Neill until it was destroyed during the Lindwurm by Hilda Jane Rowlands.



True to its name, Snake Sword Ororomunt is a snake sword made of fang shaped blades of light connected together that could stretch and retract as much as needed.


Ororomunt is known as the "cursed sword" and one scratch from the weapon can inflict a bewitching poison on opponents. As a cost, it makes the user feel a drug like euphoria and dependency and their prana is used bit by bit. Most users are known to have their mind and body eroded and become invalid. There are two types to the euphoria, an upper and a downer type, and which one that occurs is unknown until the Orga Lux is used. Feardorcha could also order it to scatter in midair and rain down on opponents.

Like the Gravisheath, Ororomunt has a high compatibility rate with any genestellar. Feardorcha claims that Ororomunt is simply lonely and its side effects are to keep its wielder from leaving it.