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Amagiri Ayato[]

Saya's childhood friend. Before her family moved, the two frequently sparred with each other or against Amagiri Haruka, Ayato's older sister.Ayato grew up with her until she moved to Munich, Germany, due to her father's job. They are close companions after reuniting with

Saya is also willing to help Ayato when he is in need. Saya confesses to Ayato after considering Miluse's words, telling him that he could give her an answer on his own time as she simply wanted to express her feelings.

She also likes to scare/prank Ayato having jumped out of trees or onto his balcony before. She wanted Ayato to be her partner in the Phoenix Festa, and later was part of the same Gryps Festa team. She is shown to support Ayato whenevever he needs help, and becomes jealous when he spends time with other girls over her. She highly rates Ayato both as a person and as a duelist.

Toudou Kirin[]

Kirin and Saya became friends after a short while of meeting each other. The 2 were partners during the Phoenix Festa.They have a high regard of each others skills, and care for each other as Saya noticed Kirins injuries and did not want to risk her aggravating it more during the semi-finals of the Phoenix festa. She is complimentary of Kirin, and they both call each other by their first names. They both also have a crush on Ayato,

Julis Riessfeld[]

Saya referred her as an life obstacle between Ayato and her, however they became friends.

Originally they were somewhat cold to each other with Saya jealous that Julis was "monopolizing" her time with Ayato, while Julis was irritated over Saya being Ayato's childhood friend. However after training together and spending more time as a group together with Ayato and Kirin, they became friends culminating with them addressing each other by their first names when Saya and Kirin declared that they will save Julis's friend Flora. She viewed Julis as a rival for Ayato's affection, though she still respected her and was friends with her. They both were part of Claudia Enfield's winning Gryps team.