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Sakon Shuuma (左近 州馬) is the student council president of Arlequint Academy and a member of Ferrovius.


Shuuma has black hair and thin eyes. He is mentioned to have a standard build and has a weak presence.


Unlike other student council presidents who are all assertive in their own way, Shuuma appears to be timid and easily manipulated as he was flustered when the other student council presidents asked him about the deal between Seidoukan Academy and Arlequint Academy. Despite being the head of the student body, he seems to take orders from Camilla as a member of Ferrovius instead, noting that he himself had no idea about the agreement and only gave it the go ahead.


Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Shuuma has enhanced physical ability and an aura known as prana.


  • Shuuma was unnamed until the anime.
  • Even though he is a member of Ferrovius, his older suster Chitose was a former leader of the Methuselah faction.