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Saint Galahadworth Academy (聖ガラードワース学園) is one of the six schools in Asterisk. They are conistently one of the top-ranked schools since being founded, it also boasts the most overall victories among the six academies. They were ranked #1 among the schools in the previous semester (before Amato arrived at Asterisk). They are particularly strong in the Gryps Festa with the students being trained with a focus on teamwork.


Galahadworth Emblem

The Saint Galahadworth student council president is decided by whoever the rank 1 student is, with the current president being Elliot Forster, their former president for the first half of the the novels was Ernest Fairclough. The student council is then decided by the student council president and a confidence vote is held to officially instate them. They are governed by EP and have the Sinodomias as their intelligence organization. The Saint Galahadworth symbol is the aureole, the symbol of order. The school requires discipline and loyalty from their students and generally forbids duels, therefore making them on bad terms with Rewolf. As a result from the lack of duels, it is also more difficult to gain ranks within the school. Saint Galahadworth specializes in the Gryps. Rankings are instead based on regularly scheduled simulated battles.

The top 10 Page One students of Saint Gallardworth Academy are known as the Lifelordes (銀翼騎士団) (Silver Winged Knights) with the rest being potential candidates. Of the Lifelordes, the upper five members form Team Lancelot while the lower five members form Team Tristan. Currently, as Perceval has taken a leave of absence, her rank is treated as vacant.

Saint Galahadworth Academy is built with an early modern European style and gives off a unique feeling like the oriental Jie Long Seventh Institute. It can be inferred to have junior high, high-school and universities levels due to the students varying ages, and Elliot being mentioned to be in his first year of Junior high.


Page One[]

  1. Elliot Forster
  2. Laetitia Blanchard
  3. Student
  4. Student
  5. Vacant
  6. Student
  7. Noelle Messmer
  8. Student
  9. Student
  10. Student
  11. Doroteo Lemus
  12. Student


  • Galahadworth is clearly inspired by the literature about the story of King Arthur. The school includes the name of Galahad a Knight of the Round Table, the team names in the Gryps Festa are named after Lancelot and Tristan who were also Knights of the Round Table. Their Ogra Luxes are also named after items from the story. Lastly it emulates this through the focus on rules, discpline and swordsmanship.