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Asterisk Volume 7 3

Rusalka (ルサールカ) is an all-female rock band comprised of students from Queenvail Girls' Academy. Their leader is Miluse.


Rusalka is extremely popular across the world, though not as popular as Sylvia Lyyneheym. Rusalka was a nameless band until they debuted three years earlier during the 23rd Gryps, reaching the final eight, and subsequently making their name known across the world.

All members of Rusalka have the goal of defeating Sylvia to claim the number one spot in the world. Also, the members of Rusalka use stage names for their idol activities and Festa entrances. Rusalka is produced by Petra Kivilehto.



Each member of Rusalka wields a part of the Orga Lux Lyre-Poros (ライア=ポロス).


Lyre Poros-Calliope (ライアポロス=カリオペア) is wielded by Miluse. It is a guitar that is capable of emitting a crushing wave. It can also deploy a sword shaped blade of light.


Lyre Poros-Erato (ライアポロス=エラード) is wielded by Paivi. It is a drum that is capable of creating a wall that blocks sound pressure. It can also serve as a shield.


Lyre Poros-Melpomene (ライアポロス=メルポーネ) is wielded by Monica. It is a bass that is capable of weakening the user's opponents. It can also deploy an axe shaped blade of light.


Lyre Poros-Polyhymnia (ライアポロス=ポリムニア) is wielded by Tuulia. It is a guitar that is capable of emitting a crushing wave. It can also deploy a trident shaped blade of light.


Lyre Poros-Thalia (ライアポロス=タレイア) is wielded by Mahulena. It is an air keyboard that is capable of strengthening the user's allies. While the effect is active, the eyes of those affected glow blue. It can also fire bullets of light.