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Rodolfo Zoppo (ロドルフォ・ゾッポ) is a 2nd year college student of Rewolf Black Institute. He is the leader of the largest mafia group in the Entertainment District, the Omo Nero.


Rodolfo is a tall man with red hair, a broad chest, and wears sunglasses, in addition to expensive jewelry around his neck and arms. He generally gives off cheerful aura.


Rodolfo has a casual personality. He also has a lecherous side, referring to the Urzaiz sisters as "women good looking enough to make men want to grasp them" and Irene as Dirk's mistress, which she took great offense to. Because of this, he doesn't appreciate it when people interrupt him while he's having fun with women, such as when he attacked one of his subordinates with his Dante ability for doing so. His favorite saying is "let's take it easy" and he distances himself well from Dirk.

As he typically offends people all over the place, he doesn't care to listen to the grudges of people like Zimo, stating that it wouldn't make a difference, but does actually listen if people still care to tell him. True to his favorite saying, he'll spare people that attack him as long as they make him enjoy the battle, nevertheless he'll still mutilate their bodies as he did with Zimo's brother. To enjoy daily life, he keeps changing his viewpoint so that he can figure out what'll enjoy him the most whenever and wherever. He even finds enjoyment in defeat, such as his loss to Orphelia, as he obtained a goal of surpassing her.


Dante: Rodolfo is able to interfere with prana, enabling him to control other people's prana within a meter and 90-95 cm radius of himself, and he's said to be nearly invincible as long as he's fighting against a Genestellar, though it has a short range. He can cause gathered prana to disperse or make it explode. When he interfered with the prana of one of his subordinates, it caused the man's head to explode, albeit with no physical damage, but it instantly knocked him unconscious and left a burn mark on the left side of his head. He has fought against Orphelia once before but lost because he couldn't get within range of his ability at the time.

Rect Lux (煌式遠隔誘導武装): Rodolfo uses three extremely heavy Rect Lux scythes with blades of light that are over one meter long which controls using a bracelet.

Omo Nero: As the leader of the Omo Nero, Rodolfo has command over all of its members, said to be a total of over a thousand people, with many of them inside of Rewolf itself.