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Rewolf Black Institute (レヴォルフ黒学院) is one of the six schools in Asterisk. They were ranked #4 in the school rankings in the season before the story began.


Rewolf Emblem

The Rewolf student council president is chosen by the rank 1 student, with the current president being Dirk Eberwein. They are governed by Solnage and have the Grimalkin as their intelligence organization. The Rewolf emblem is the crossed swords, the symbol of the conqueror. They enjoy fighting and the school consistently promotes duels between students and fights with other school's students, therefore making them on bad terms with Saint Galahadworth Academy. Rewolf has many students with bad behavior, with some even taking up headquarters in the redevelopment area of Asterisk. While there are good students such as Priscilla Urzaiz, they are generally rare.

The school has virtually no regulations and hs many students who are mercenaries or members who turn to crime. This furthers the impression of it being a hotbed of delinquents. The school offers education at the junior high, high school and university levels. The school seems to have it's own prison facilities.

Rewolf specializes in the Lindwurm, where they have more victories than any other school (including the previous tournament won by Orphelia). Since the school atmosphere prioritizes belligerance and individualism this results in them having no notion of teamwork or collaboration leading to them having only won the Phoenix Festa twice and the Gryps Festa once. Their winning Gryps team was led by Yatsuzaki Kyouko.


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