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Raksha-Nada (赤霞の魔剣), also known as Magic Sword of the Crimson Cloud is an Orga Lux. It is also one of the Four Colored Magic Swords.



Due to the chance of violating the Stella Carta just by attacking with it, along with its inconvenient cost, not that many people have used Raksha-Nada. It was thought to have been sealed, however it is still in the possession of its current user, Madiath Mesa.


Raksha-Nada is capable of breaking itself apart into minute shards. The user can direct those shards in single direction to unleash a devastating attack, and by inserting a shard into another person, the user is capable of torturing them as moving the shard can cause intense pain. This method is effective as blackmail, as the shard itself is hard to remove due to the fact that it doesn't exist unless Raksha-Nada is activated.

On the other hand, breaking Raksha-Nada into minute shards make the user unable to control them individually, rather as a group, and to be able to control them individually the user has to fuse the shards back together close to its original shape.