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Ruinous Might Cannon Type, better known as RM-C, is one of Ernesta Kühne's puppets.


Unlike AR-D, RM-C is much more serious, telling him off for his mindless chatter by calling him a "slow, dimwitted, low intelligence junk robot that doesn't think" and that he should be destroyed in battle as getting maintenance on his mental capacities would be a bother for their master, even going as far to offer to destroy him herself. She is also emotionless compared to AR-D but is much more fluent in speaking. However, after her battle against Saya and Kirin, she begins to have faint emotions, even requesting a rematch against Saya after the finals.


Expert Shooter: RM-C is easily able to cancel out shots fired at her by shooting them down with her own. Such a feat would be normally impossible to do even if one tried to, and she can even react to shots from a semi-automatic.

Lux: RM-C wields a large Handgun Lux.

  • Ruinshalef (ルインシャレフ): RM-C can turn her left arm from the elbow down into a large cannon that she says is the counterpart of AR-D's Defense Barrier as the ultimate weapon. Despite its strength, the Ruinshalef was destroyed by Saya's Type 41 Lux Twin Blaster Waldenholt at full power.
    • Ruinshalef Mode Wolkenbruch (ルインシャレフ・モード・ウォルケンブルフ): RM-C changes the Ruinshalef's shape into a large cannon. She then fires a ball of light into the air that bursts and rains down onto her opponents.
  • Ruingoerz (ルインゲルツ): Ruingoerz is RM-C's new weapon after Ruinshalef was destroyed during her battle against Saya. It was created by Camilla with the purpose of surpassing the power of Saya's own weapons. It is taller than her and is a tactical high energy laser cannon. At full power it was capable of completely obliterating a slime created by the Tenorio Faction and blow away clouds in its path.

Flight Unit (飛行ユニット): RM-C has a flight unit on her back that enables her to fight in the air.

Combination (合体): RM-C is able to combine with AR-D by giving him her flight unit and armor, greatly increasing his attack power. RM-C has complete control over the decision to do this. However, this puts RM-C in a near naked state which she later becomes embarrassed about.

  • AR Mode (ARモード)


  • According to the author, RM-C's birthday is January 6th.