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Queenvail Girls' Academy (クインヴェール女学園) is one of the six schools in Asterisk. It was ranked #6 overall in the prior semester school rankings.


Queenvail Emblem

Queenvail Girls' Academy is the only all girls' school in Asterisk. The Queenvail student council president is decided by an election, with the current student council president being Sylvia Lyyneheym. They are governed by W&W and have the Benetnasch as their intelligence organization. The Queenvail symbol is the profile of a nameless Goddess, the symbol of hope. They are the smallest school in Asterisk.

It is a bright and gorgeous school that requires good looks in addition to fighting ability and academic achievement. Queenvail doesn't emphasize that much on fighting, ignoring the overall ranking, instead seeing Festas as a place to draw out the charm of individual students, which means that their overall ranking in usual Festa seasons is last. Queenvail is also known for their idols and idol groups, such as Sylvia and Rusalka, with media exposure being relatively high compared to other schools. Because of this, many students at Queenvail register using their stage names.


Page One[]

  1. Sylvia Lyyneheym
  2. Neithnefer
  3. Miluse
  4. Kira Zilkova
  5. Tsugomori
  6. Mora Mora
  7. Sandra Segur
  8. Takanashi Kazan
  9. Paivi
  10. Eugenie Bourne
  11. Yuzuriha
  12. Padma