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Perceval Gardner (パーシヴァル・ガードナー) is the student council secretary of Saint Galahadworth Academy. After being recruited by Dirk Eberwein to work under him, she has taken a leave of absence from school.


Perceval is a described to be a woman wearing the Saint Galahadworth male uniform.


Perceval is observant as she was able to recognize Ayato and Sylvia through their disguises. She dislikes it when people ignore her reports.


Perceval Orga Lux:

  • Goat Amalthea (贖罪の錐角): Goat Amalthea is able to instantaneously knock anyone unconscious that is swallowed in its blast. Ernest theorizes that the reason Goat Amalthea chose Perceval was because of her eye ability and her eternal guilt, adding that as it was much more sensitive than Lei-Glems, it couldn't be deceived concerning its cost unlike the latter.
  • Holy Lance (聖槍): Second form of Goat Amathea, that has it's ability reversed. Now it's light works as very powerful physical attack. It is theorised that this form is unlocked after compatibility exceeds ninty percent. Perceval chants abilities like "..., o light of judgement!" (裁きの光よ, ...)
    • Pierce (貫け): Perceval shoots laser-like beam from tip of Holy Lance.
    • Burst (弾けろ): Perceval creates directed explosion from tip of Holy Lance.
    • Scour (穿て): Perceval unleashes myriad of bullet-like projectiles.
    • Ascend (昇れ): Several pillars of light come from ground.
    • Rage (吹き荒べ): Golden lights starts to swirl like a wind, hitting enemy.
    • Pursue (追え): Several bands of light come from Holy Lance, and they change their trajectory to hit an enemy. Very similar to Saya's homing blaster Waldenholt Modified.
    • Rend (切り裂け): Perceval's fastest attack, with a sweep of Holy Lance she unleashes very powerful burst of light.
    • Swell (漲れ): Perceval's most powerful attack. She spends some time charging it, then golden torrent similar to the Goat Amathea's energy wave spills out.

Eye Ability: Perceval is able to see various truths, making it impossible for people to hide from her or try to feint against her.

Lux: Perceval wields a normal Pistol Lux that she uses to warn people or break up fights. She has a habit of firing a shot in the air at first warning.

Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Perceval has enhanced physical ability and an aura known as prana.

Variant (ヴァリアント): Perceval used six mass produced AR-D shaped puppets during her battle against Kirin. Unlike the original, they don't have a will, though they are able to use a weaker version of AR-D's absolute barrier and wield a copy of its hammer. In case of emergency, they can be made to explode.


Dirk Eberwein[]

Perceval has been acquaintances with Dirk from their time in a place known as the Laboratory and refers to him as D.