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Orphelia Landlufen (オーフェリア・ランドルーフェン) is the former childhood friend of Julis Riessfeld. When she was a young girl, she was experimented on by Hilda to cover the orphanage's debts, turning her into a Strega and a Genestellar. After winning the last Lindwurm Festa, she is considered the top ranked fighter in Asterisk.


Orphelia has long white hair and red eyes. She wears the Rewolf female uniform along with elbow length gloves and white tights. When she was a child, Orphelia originally had brown hair.


Orphelia's voice is described to be dark and hollow, cold as if it was frozen and seemingly reverberating from the ground. Like her voice, her eyes are also described to have a bleak darkness within them. Ever since being experimented on by Hilda, she has become a fatalist, often referring to various incidents as fate. However, she claims to not be one, simply mentioning that she's able to sense how big of a flow other people are in after seeing "that world".

Later, when asked by Hilda, she claims that she isn't obeying Dirk, but rather he gives her the freedom and permission to obey her fate, and adds that her fate doesn't care about a miniscule existence like herself. Madiath later expands on it during their last Golden Bough Alliance meeting, stating that in exchange for them taking her life, honor, and dignity, she had the right to give up everything and had absolute privileges over the Golden Bough Alliance, effectively making her both a tool and their master.

According to Julis, Orphelia used to be a kind girl that couldn't bring herself to kill bugs. She also enjoyed gardening and would get excited when a flower bloomed.


Strega (魔女): Manipulating miasma (瘴気) is Orphelia's ability as a Strega, and whatever her miasma touches becomes corroded. This ability is a double edged sword as it eats away at the user. While her power seems to be unbeatable, her control over her ability wanes the larger the affected area. She was originally a normal girl until she was experimented on by Hilda, turning her into a Strega and a Genestellar.

  • Miasma Hands: Orphelia creates blackish brown hands from the ground that are capable of intercepting attacks.
  • Kur nu Gia (塵と化せ): Orphelia creates miasma around her that absorbs any Miasma Hands nearby to create a huge hand made of miasma. The hand lunges at its target at high speed, grabs them, then smashes them into the ground.
  • Poison Gas: Orphelia can create an odorless, tasteless, colorless, and transparent poison gas capable of paralyzing her opponent.
  • Miasma Explosion: Orphelia is able to make her miasma explode, creating a blast that affects everything in a certain radius.
  • Geshti Nanna (腐界に満ちよ): Orphelia covers an area with her ability, from which miasma is emitted, creating trees made of miasma.

Immense Speed: During their meeting in the redevelopment area, Orphelia was able to close the gap between her and Julis in an instant.

Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Orphelia has enhanced physical ability and an aura known as prana. Like her Strega ability, she originally wasn't a Genestellar until Hilda's experiment.

  • Massive Prana Amount: Orphelia has a massive amount of prana that dwarfs Ayato's own. She was capable of stopping Anemone Coronaris, one of Julis' strongest attacks at the time, using only her hand with damage only to her clothes.

Lux: Orphelia uses a double bladed scythe Lux known as Namtar (ナムタル). She was originally dependent on her miasma, making her terrible at close combat, however she was shown to have gotten much better at it during her battle in the last Lindwurm against Sylvia, being able to fight equally against her even though the latter was strengthened.

  • Orga Lux: Orphelia later obtained Gravisheath (覇潰の血鎌) after it was rebuilt due it being destroyed by Ser-Veresta during the Phoenix Festa. Normally, it requires the user's blood, however it surrendered to her after tasting her poisonous blood.


  • According to the author, Orphelia's birthday is March 6th, her horoscope is Pisces, and her blood type is AB.
  • "Ereshkigal" was the Sumerian goddess of the underworld.
  • Has won the Lindwurm Festa twice, making her only the second person ever to achieve that feat.
  • After the experiment, she is now unable to enjoy the flowers she once loved, due to the affect of her miasma.
  • It is that due to their earlier friendship, Julis named her moves after various flowers.