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Noelle Messmer (ノエル・メスメル) is a student of Saint Galahadworth Academy.


Noelle has long bangs that cover her eyes, making it hard to read her expression at a glance, though Elliot is able to due to the time they've spent together.


Noelle has a shy personality and easily gets flustered, such as when Elliot asked her about her training with Xinglou, causing her to respond with an obvious reaction. She is childhood friends with Elliot and admires him so much that she sometimes accidentally calls him onii-chan. In addition, she is deeply grateful to him for saving her from being bullied, prompting her to sign up for the Lindwurm as she had always wanted to repay the favor.


Strega (魔女): As a Strega, Noelle can control thorns, and she is a rare area type Strega. Though her ability takes time to use, she can completely control the area her ability covers.

  • Tentacle Thorns: Noelle creates thorns from her position that rapidly move across the ground. The tentacles are capable of regenerating at an abnormally fast rate.
  • Thorn Giant: By activating her ability around herself, Noelle can create a giant around 10 meters tall made of thorns with her at the center. She is able to control its movements and regenerate any damage to the giant using her ability.

Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Noelle has enhanced physical ability and an aura known as prana.

Lux: Noelle wields a Staff Lux.