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Night Emit (夜吹の一族) is an intelligence organization working for Ginga comprised of the Yabuki clan.


The Night Emit have existed for over several hundred years. Due to the Ulm-Manadite within their home village, they have superhuman abilities and have maintained that bloodline. They use special techniques such as wards or blocking electronic signals. These techniques also existed in an age where mana was scarce and therefore don't use that much mana in addition to activation being instantaneous.

If a member reaches a certain level of skill, they are given the name of Bujinzai (憮塵斉) and become the head of the Night Emit. As this title is based off of a certain level of skill and not the strongest member, there sometimes can be no one with the name. The current Bujinzai is Eishirou's father.