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Moritz Nessler (モーリッツ・ネスラー) is a student of Rewolf Black Institute. He is the leader of a group of students with one such student being his tag partner Gerd Schiele.


Moritz has black hair (gray in the anime) that stands up, making him appear like a dead tree. However, his eyes are sharp. Unlike most Rewolf students, he wears his uniform neatly.


Moritz talks in a polite manner. He doesn't appreciate attention taken from him as he displayed his irritation when RM-C and AR-D got more attention than him before their match despite the fact that he was a Page One.


Borea Spira

Dante (魔術師): As a Dante, Moritz can control winds for various uses.

  • Borea Spira (暴風の螺旋): Moritz surrounds his arms with fierce winds that take a drill like shape. It is said to be able to gouge out anything and can be considered one of the most powerful attacks within Rewolf if one looked at just its power. However, its power can cause a penalty when used against human opponents.
Borea Mordent
  • Borea Mordent (暴風の咬滅): Moritz creates fierce winds around him that he condenses into a dragon like tornado. It is hard to control and consumes a large amount of prana, making it his trump card. However, its slow speed makes it hard to use properly, but Moritz claims that this attack has the strongest destructive force within Rewolf. Despite his claims, Borea Mordent was unable to break AR-D's Defense Barrier.

Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Moritz has enhanced physical ability and an aura known as prana.