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Melchior (メルヒオール) is the strongest member of Grimalkin.


As a member of Grimalkin, Melchior is loyal to Dirk. He acted as Irene's mentor for a while under Dirk's orders to get her used to the Gravisheath.


Orga Lux: Melchior wields a total of seven Orga Lux that he uses freely. Because of his experience with multiple Orga Lux, he states that some try to force the user to give in, some are practically indifferent, and some try to be friendly in their own way.

  • Typhon Ankh (砂嵐の戦鎚): Typhon Ankh enables Melchior to control sand, and the cost toward him is pretty light. This Orga Lux is later shown to be used by Roswitha Dietze, suggesting that Melchior stopped using it.
  • Palladium (守護女神の宝剣): Palladium enables Melchior to reverse the course of power.
  • Gremlin Bullet (小鬼猟銃): Gremlin Bullet enables Melchior to temporarily paralyze his target's sense of balance.
  • Scepter of Sisyphus (シジフォスの苛笏): The Scepter of Sisyphus enables Melchior to cause pain to others by touching them with it, making it useful for torturing people rather than actual combat.
  • Zelus Bell (ゼーロスの蛮鐘): Zelus Bell enables Melchor to attack with shattering sound.
  • Wolt-Moon (ウォルト=ムーナ): Wolt-Moon is an club-type Lux that has a power of decomposition. It reduces anything it touches to dust, but can be used only limited amount of times, so Melchior avoids using it.
  • No Name (ノーネーム): Top Secret Orga Lux of Solnage, implanted into Melchior's heart. No Name enables Melchior to resurrect himself. In other words, while he feeds this Lux with human lives, he will never die.

Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Wernher has enhanced physical ability and an aura known as prana.

  • Simultanious usage of multiple Lux: Melchior is able to use powers of several Lux simultaniously, without switching between them.
  • Power Combination: Melchior is able to mix powers of several Lux. For example, he merged ability of Zelus’s Bell with the Gremlin Bullet’s ability, so he could paralyze Eishirou's sense of balance using sonic attack instead of hitting him with bullet.