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Madiath Mesa (マディアス・メサ) is a member of the Integrated Enterprise Foundation in charge of the Festa. He is Amagiri Haruka's father and a member of the Golden Bough Alliance.


Madiath has medium length brown hair and eyes of the same color (purple in the anime), in addition to having facial hair with two parts that point upwards. He usually wears a brown based suit.


Madiath is a calm and cunning person, able to plan ahead in case something happens, and is able to stay calm in situations where others get worried or angry. He also has a considerable attachment to his former wife Akari and his daughter Haruka, and he wishes for the latter to be with him and watch his plan come to fruition. He considers Akari's Amagiri Sakura persona to be a corpse and initially wasn't really interested in Ayato despite him being Akari's son simply because half of his blood was, in his own words, from some nobody.


In the past, Madiath was a special transfer student like Ayato, and won the Phoenix Festa with Yachigusa Akari. Using his wish, he joined Ginga.


Orga Lux: Madiath wields the Orga Lux Raksha-Nada (赤霞の魔剣). Despite being said to have been sealed, it is shown to still be in his possession as he wielded it when he trained Ayato. Using its ability, he inserted a shard of it into his daughter Haruka, which he later used to force Ayato to participate in the Lindwurm and for her to remove his seals.

Master Swordsman: Madiath is skilled enough to win the Phoenix Festa and against Haruka during the Eclipse. His strength was sealed during the Eclipse through Haruka's ability, though it was later shown that he had broken the seal himself like Ayato had done, but he still had a time limit.

Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Madiath has enhanced physical ability and an aura known as prana.

  • Ghastliness (鬼気): Due to Madiath's immense ghastliness, he was easily able to single handedly defeat both Ayato and Haruka.