Lux (煌式武装), Rect Lux (煌式遠隔誘導武装), Orga Lux (純星煌式武装), and Lost Lux (滅星煌式武装) are weapons used in Asterisk.


Lux (煌式武装) are the most common type of weapon. Lux before activation are small and compact, fitting into the palm, with a green Manadyte located somewhere in the weapon. The user can then materialize its full appearance. Lux use Manadite as a power source.

After activation, the weapon's form materializes using mana. There are different types available such as a sword, bow, spear, or gun.

Ranged Lux ammunition are made entirely out of mana and dissipate soon after being fired, removing the need for new ammunition.



Rect LuxEdit

Rect Lux (煌式遠隔誘導武装) consist of a base weapon that manipulates multiple other weapons, though it requires a high understanding of space in order to be used effectively. The terminals can be controlled with only the mind, greatly boosting reaction speeds and close combat ability. Prana can also be transmitted throughout the terminals, which can allow for faster attacks. However, their weakness is that if all the terminals are interrupted, it is mildly difficult to reorganize them fast enough. Rect Lux were produced in a joint effort by Seidoukan Academy and Arlequint Academy, and currently only those two schools use them.


Orga LuxEdit

Orga Lux (純星煌式武装) are highly prized and powerful weapons, most of which belong to the Integrated Enterprise Foundation, though they are lent to the schools for students to use if capable. Few students are capable of using them, though they are not necessary in terms of strength and school rank. In order to borrow an Orga Lux, the student must be of a high rank, performed well at a Festa, or be a special transfer student. Orga Lux seem to dislike Stregas and Dantes, having only been used by ten at most in all of Asterisk's history.

All Orga Lux are semi-sentient, having distinct abilities as well as a will of their own. They also incur a cost on their users for using them, with some being rather easy to bear or handle, and some being extremely difficult. Other than power levels, this is usually the key as to why so few Genestella, even exceptionally powerful ones, are compatible with Orga Lux or form a long term relationship with these weapons. For example, Claudia's Pan-Dora allows her to see up to 300 seconds into the future, gaining 1 second every 3 days, but at the price is of seeing ways she can die every time she sleeps.

Some Ogra Lux aren't content with just being paired with a capable user and will influence their users' minds. Some go so far as to even change their users' appearances to suit their likes and needs, with one of the most notable examples being Gravisheath.

Seidoukan Academy currently possesses 23 Orga Lux, five of which are in the hands of a Page One (Ayato, Claudia, Mozuhi, and two others), and four of which are in the hands of Kirin and three other students. Many Page One students wield an Orga Lux.

According to Miiko, Team Androcles used what was known as a Mass Production Type Orga Lux (量産型純星煌式武装) during the Gryps.





Lost LuxEdit

Lost Lux (滅星煌式武装), later renamed Lux Eater (煌星喰らい), are weapons associated with the Lost Page Incident. They were first developed by Abend Fravard in Kirameki no Stella, and the data from the experiments was later used to replicate and generalize the lux, focusing on maximizing its output. However, it requires the prana of several dozen people the first time it is activated. Lost Lux are able to be used against Orga Lux as shown when Gose's Spear Lost Lux was able to touch Ayato's Ser-Veresta without being destroyed. Every time the lux comes into contact with another lux, they repel each other with tremendous force and cause a burden on both. Orga Lux seem to not like this type of lux, as Valda-Vaoth referred to it as unpleasant and the Ser-Veresta seemed to be screaming every time it came into contact with it.


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