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Lieseltania (リーゼルタニア) is a small country in Europe.


The current monarch is Jolbert Riessfeld, with the former monarch being Julis' father. Jolbert is well-liked by the Integrated Enterprise Foundation due to his acceptance of being a puppet, who is satisifed with his position and life of luxury while being lazy. The capital city is known as Storel (ストレル).

Theere is great inequality in Liseltania, with Julis being motivated to change the situation after noticing the Orphanage's financial struggles and the worsening financial situation of many citizens.

Julis is very popular in her home country, with her and Amato Amigiri's victory at the Phoenix Festa and subsequent visit gaining alot of cheers and support at a victory parade.


Lieseltania is in a mountainous region that snows. The capital city Storel is located around a lake surrounded by mountains.

The buildings are made of brick and wood, giving off a European feel. There are also office buildings and a railroad that crosses through the city. The palace is located across the lake from the central part of the city. Their is a deprived area of the city across the bridge on the lake.


Lieseltania was a territory of the Holy Roman Empire until its collapse, leading to its independence. The country lasted for 100 years until it was absorbed during the Unification of Germany.

After the Invertia, a 1st class Beltis meteor was found from within the former Lieseltania borders. Solnage and Frauenlob fought over the rights to it, causing the Integrated Enterprise Foundation to create a country there to resolve the problem. As the country was created and is funded by the Integrated Enterprise Foundation, many of its decisions, such as policy and taxes, are decided by them.