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Li Shenyun (黎沈雲) is a student of Jie Long Seventh Institute and the twin brother of Li Shenhua.


Shenyun has medium length brown hair and honey brown eyes. He is mentioned to look exactly like his sister Shenhua, with his younger sister's chignon the only way to tell them apart.


Shenyun is arrogant, shrewd, and sadistic. Like his sister, Shenhua, he treats his opponents as toys rather than people. In battle, he prefers to set up situations favorable for himself and Shenhua, making themselves untouchable while hounding on their opponents' weaknesses. They never beat their opponents easily even though they are able to do so, preferring to see their opponents struggle and despair. They are deemed to be despicable enough for Hufeng to expressed his disgust of them, noting that "no one could ever get along with them". Typical of a member of the Water Faction, Shenyun looks down on members of the Wood Faction.

Shenyun is also somewhat of a siscon, worrying about Shenhua whenever he realizes that she has a potential boyfriend, and always stalks her on her dates to see what type of man she's with. If he deems them as unworthy, he gets rid of them in a roundabout manner by indirectly showing their faults to his sister, though he will take action himself if it comes down to it.

Unlike Shenhua, he prefers spicy food in addition to different music and movies.


In the past, when they were small children, both Shenyun and Shenhua were sold by their parents to Jie Long. Soon after, their skills were recognized by their instructors and both were given training in seisenjutsu.


Daoshi (道士): As a member of the Water Faction, Shenyun is a Daoshi.

  • Kyuukyuunyoritsuryou, Choku (急急如律令、勅): Shenyun can use this along with his symbols to create various illusions.
    • Illusions (幻影): Shenyun utilizes various illusions to disorient his opponent. His illusions are used by creating different symbols with his hands.
      • Shenyun causes the area to waver before causing smoke to billow out at high speed from various places. The smoke is deep, thick, and blocks the enemy's vision. Shenyun can make the smoke dissipate in an instant if he wishes to.
      • Shenyun causes the area to waver before causing a large amount of water to appear out of nowhere. It can reach thigh level within seconds.
      • Shenyun snaps his fingers to create several arrows made of ice above him. He can make them rain down on his opponent by saying Go (往け).
    • Clones (分身): Shenyun causes the area to waver before creating four clones of himself. The prana of the clones are the same as the original, there is no pattern to their movements, and the clones can't be destroyed. The clones are also able to speak. This is Shenyun's signature move.

Spell Tags (呪符): Shenyun utilizes spell tags in addition to his illusions. He snaps his wrist to materialize them in between his fingers. Spell tags can also be set with a timer.

  • Depth Charge Tag (爆雷符): Shenyun can cause it to explode by saying explode (爆), creating an explosion along with a deafening sound. Destructive winds and heat assault his opponent.
    • Depth Charge Ball (爆雷球): Shenyun uses all of his Depth Charge tags to create a huge sphere capable of dealing a serious amount of damage.

Seisenjutsu (星仙術): As a Daoshi, Shenyun can utilize the Jie Long method of prana control.

Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Shenyun has enhanced physical ability and an aura known as prana.