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Lester MacPhail (レスター・マクフェイル) is a student of Seidoukan Academy.


Lester is a tall and muscular male student. He has black hair and eyes. He wears a thin gray t-shirt with the sleeves rolled to make it appear as a tank top, green cargo pants, and a small bag attached to his belt that contains a weapon or Lux.


Lester is very aggressive since he believes that pure raw strength is all that needs to use to win a fight. He has a high temperament and a violent atmosphere around him, and is also very competitive (ex. repeatedly asking Julis for a rematch after losing to her).


In the previous Festa, he was ranked 5th, but after Julis defeated him, he was bumped down to the 9th.


Lester is seen pestering Julis to duel him in a rematch. Ayato, in an attempt to distract him, interrupts their talking, but only manages to anger him.


Lux: Lester wields the Axe Lux Bardiche-Leo. After training under Xinglou, he changed his fighting style to a dual wield style, wielding a Bardiche-Leo in each hand.

  • Burst Nemea: Lester's Meteor Arts, the blades of his Lux enlarge to double their normal size, making it appear more like a warhammer rather than an axe.

Great Strength: Lester is physically strong even for a Genestella, capable of overwhelming the opponent in close combat. However, due to his close combat style, he is weak to Strega and Dante. Later on, his strength increased even further, allowing him to defeat most opponents in one hit with Bardiche-Leo and potentially win against higher ranked opponents.

Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Lester has enhanced physical ability and an aura known as prana.


  • Lester has spent time building up muscle, especially as it is hard for Genestella to gain visible muscle.
  • According to the author, Lester's birthday is August 11th.
  • Lester is mentioned to have a girlfriend named Melissa Strauch (メリッサ・ストラウク), who is the owner of a café named Irrlicht in the Entertainment District. She fell in love with him after he took care of her when he found her collapsed due to her chronic disease acting up.