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Laetitia Blanchard (レティシア・ブランシャール) is the student council vice president of Saint Galahadworth Academy and the childhood friend of Claudia Enfield.


Laetitia has long, curled gold hair. She wears the Saint Galahadworth female uniform.


Laetitia has a fierce rivalry with Claudia due to losing to her many times in the past. In addition, the Enfield family and Blanchard family have a feud, though despite that she is still good friends with her. Laetitia is also friendly to Julis.

According to Claudia, Laetitia as a child originally had an informal and child like manner of speaking. However, she changed her manner of speaking after meeting the Fairclough siblings. Also, she apparently had a simple and naive personality.


Strega (魔女): Laetitia is mentioned to be a Strega, however her ability isn't properly explained, though based on her Aile D'ange, it can be theorized that it has some connection to light. She isn't dependent on her Strega ability and can fight in close combat if needed.

  • Aile D'ange (天戒翼): Laetitia gathers mana around her back to create any number of shining wings that are over twenty feet long. The wings are capable of shielding allies from attacks and have an incredible reach.

Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Laetitia has enhanced physical ability and an aura known as prana.


  • According to the author, Laetitia's birthday is February 2nd, her horoscope is Aquarius, and her blood type is O.
  • She was part of Team Lancelot's winning Gryps Festa team which eliminated Seidoukan's team the previous tournament (before Ayato's arrival in the books), however Claudia still got the better of her that time by destroying her emblem.