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The Laboratory (研究所) is a currently unused facility that is involved with the pasts of Dirk Eberwein and Perceval Gardner.


The Laboratory is mentioned to have been shut down sometime in the past, though it seems to have been active around ten years earlier, as mentioned by Dirk when he told Perceval that it'd been ten years since he'd last seen her. Dirk is shown to loathe it, expressing his disgust at having to use its name to summon Perceval, and described his memories of his experience there as unpleasant.

Certain others, such as the members of Team Lancelot, are shown to know what the Laboratory is, with Laetitia being shocked that they would contact Perceval years after they shut down, however they were unaware that it was actually a message sent by Dirk. Also, those who lived there are mentioned to have some sort of agreement that only those who lived there would understand.

Only those that did well within the Laboratory were allowed to use their names, though only the first initial. Dirk was D, Perceval was P, Rodolfo was R, and Zaharoula was Z. In addition, Rodolfo was considered to be the Laboratory's masterpiece.

Later on, the Laboratory is revealed to be a place that gathered children from around the world, researched their talents, and if they were good enough to be "merchandise", they would force their talent to bloom and polish it. The best merchandise would be sold to buyers such as PMCs, the schools of Asterisk, or even the Integrated Enterprise Foundation if they were talented enough to become executives.

Former Members[]