Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Wiki

LN-T is one of Ernesta Kühne's puppets.


LN-T has blue eyes and long, pale blonde hair tied in a ponytail. She has the appearance of a girl around 10 years of age.


LN-T is programmed with the personality of a young girl. She apparently has some sort of secret to her, as when Camilla looked at a certain piece of data, she was extremely shocked and asked Ernesta if she understood what she had done. It has something to do with the fundamentals of puppets and weapons and Camilla noted that it went against her beliefs.

Unlike AR-D and RM-C, LN-T is not under Ernesta's control and doesn't have a force stop device installed inside of her, as Ernesta wanted her to think, act, and grow on her own.


Immense Strength: Due to having a core of two Ulm-Manadytes using the Lobos Transition System, LN-T has immense strength, making her capable of ripping open AR-D's Absolute Barrier with her bare hands. In addition, she was able to force her way through Hilda's Strega ability.

Lux: LN-T wields a huge sword lux made for her by Camilla Pareto named Yuudomra (ユードムラ). Its hilt is around half of LN-T's body size and the blade is more than 2 meters long.