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Kashimaru Korona (樫丸 ころな) is the student council secretary of Rewolf Black Institute. She was enrolled in Rewolf due to a paperwork mishap.


Korona has long blonde hair and red eyes. She usually wears the female Rewolf Black Institute female uniform along with her glasses.


Korona is timid, easily getting frightened by menacing people such as Irene or Julis. She believes that there is some good in Dirk despite the bad rumors about him and believes that he helped her out of his good will. She is a klutz and a poor student, but positive and spunky. Her personality is unlike most of the Rewolf students who are aggressive or rough.


She is a Genestella but has no combat powers.

Strega (魔女): Divination is Korona's ability as a Strega, though Korona herself doesn't realize that she is one. The result from her divination will always be wrong. Her ability requires three conditions; she must do it during the evening, she has to select what to divine herself, and she can only use her ability once a day. Dirk often takes advantage of her ability to know the results of certain things ahead of time so he can immediately move on to other plans.

Genestella (星脈世代): As a Genestella, Korona has enhanced physical ability and an aura known as prana.