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Jolbert Murray Johannes Heinrich van Riessfeld (ヨルベルト・マリー・ヨハネス・ハインリヒ・フォン・リースフェルト) is the king of Lieseltania and Julis Riessfeld's older brother.


Jolbert has dark red hair that is somewhat long. He usually wears trainers and slacks and only wears a suit for official events.


Jolbert is the complete opposite of Julis in terms of personality. He is laid back and doesn't have a care in the world. He also has a somewhat mischievious/teasing personality, having Flora visit Julis at Asterisk as a suprise for Julis and having her ask Julis some embarassing questions.

He loves his younger sister and cares for her, with Julis recognizing this by mentioning that her brother cares more about her than he does for anyone else in the world. This is shown when he tries to warn her of her actions as he fears what the Integrated Enterprise Foundation would do to her, however once he realizes her unwillingess to change her mind, he gives his promise of support to her if she wins the festa.