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Jie Long Seventh Institute (界龍第七学院) is one of the six schools in Asterisk. With its unique Mana-induction capability universalization technique called Star Senjutsu, Jie Long’s martial arts level is also higher than that of the other academies.


Jie Long Emblem

The Jie Long Seventh Institute student council president is decided by a tournament, with the current president being Fan Xinglou. They are governed by Jie Long and have the Ryuusei Kyuushi as their intelligence organization. The Jie Long emblem is the yellow dragon, the symbol of the emperor. Inside of the school is a building known as the Oushinden, which was built by the first Banyuu Tenra, and whoever managed to open the door would be able to inherit the alias. The alias Banyuu Tenra has special meaning within Jie Long and even the Integrated Enterprise Foundation cannot interfere with the freedom of the student that inherits it. The Ryuusei Kyuushi was created specifically for the Banyuu Tenra, therefore being directly connected to the student council, with hardly any connections to Jie Long.

Jie Long is the largest school in Asterisk as well as the only school with an elementary. They promote bureaucracy and laissez faire, with Chinese students being the majority. Since most students focus on training rather entering or winning a Festa, it is hard for the Integrated Enterprise Federation to try to bribe students. Jie Long contains several types of martial arts which are mainly separated into either the Water Faction (水派) and the Wood Faction (木派) and the members of the Water Faction tend to disrespect the Wood Faction.

They have consistent performances in every festa, being the only academy to never having dropped to the bottom of the rankings, even though they are not dominant in any single type of festa. The school has a unique architectural style compared to the other schools.


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