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Integrated Enterprise Foundation

The Integrated Enterprise Foundation (統合企業財体) is a combination of multiple companies that banded together after the Invertia. Originally comprised of eight companies, it is currently made up of Ginga, EP, Jie Long, Frauenlob, Solnage, and W&W.


The Integrated Enterprise Foundation is an economic entity that was created after the Invertia to help support the world economy. They hold much more power than the various countries. The Integrated Enterprise Organization grants the wish or wishes of those that win the Festa.

As they are businesses, they will take measures to get rid of things or projects that don't produce results, such as slowly changing the public opinion on certain things. This creates economic disparity, such as the case in Lieseltania.

To prevent failures due to human factors, and to make sure the executives all share the Integrated Enterprise Foundation's philosophy, they have all executives undergo mental readjustment programs. Because of this, those with strong desires have a hard time of becoming an executive, though the program has different levels based on department or position.

Every couple of years, the Integrated Enterprise Foundation sends representatives of each company to a summit meeting known as the Concordia (大会談) to discuss long term interest adjustments.