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Hilda Jane Rowlands (ヒルダ・ジェーン・ローランズ) is a student of Arlequint Academy and the head of Tenorio. She is the also the one that turned Orphelia Landlufen into a Strega.


Hilda is described to be thin, slender, and has long arms and legs. Her hair is semi long and not tied together. She wears the Arlequint Academy uniform with a white lab coat over it along with large glasses. She has a slight sanpakugan, making her seem suspicious. After subjecting herself to her genestellar experiment, she wears a large headphone like machine that she uses for the Skill Installation Plan.


Hilda often digresses onto different topics. Ayato noted that Hilda seemed to have passion that was similar to magma in the darkness beneath the surface. She doesn't view her test subjects, such as Orphelia, as humans but rather as lab rats. Hilda enjoys being a student at Arlequint as she can "do whatever she wants as long as she produces results". She later entered the Lindwurm to be able to conduct experiments without being bound by any conditions.


Superior Intelligence: Hilda is known as a prodigy since the creation of Arlequint Academy.

Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Hilda has enhanced physical ability and an aura known as prana.

Strega (魔女): After the Gryps, Hilda applied the Genestellar experiment on herself and became a Strega. As a Strega, she is capable of controlling power itself, similar yet different from psychokinesis. She is capable of stopping an Orga Lux in midair and making it unable to move, an incredible feat considering that Orga Lux are known to be stronger than Dante and Strega abilities, and knock opponents away with tremendous force by swinging her hand. She can also break the ground at a certain location or create an invisible wall that opponents can't pass through.

Skill Installation Plan: Applying the results from the Skill Installation Plan, Hilda modified her body to be able to use the Second Sword Saint's techniques.