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Helga Lindwall (ヘルガ・リンドヴァル) is the leader of the Stjarnagarm and is considered to be the strongest Strega of all time.


Helga is described to be beautiful and has a well toned body. She won the Lindwurm over 50 years ago, making her actual age over 60 years.


Helga is honest and believes in right and wrong, as she is frustrated with the Integrated Enterprise Foundation for trying to cover up secrets behind the Hisui no Tasogare terror plot. She is wary of Madiath Mesa, and also warns Ayato to be careful of Fan Xinglou and Orphelia Landlufen, referring to both of them as "a different existence".


Strega (魔女): As a Strega, Helga can manipulate time. She is able to manipulate the time around her.

  • Age Manipulation: Helga can manipulate her own biological age, allowing her to change her appearance.
  • Damage Negation: Helga can negate damage by reversing time to before she received the damage. Using this ability, she is also able to restore lost limbs.

Master Fighter: According to Kyouko, Helga has trained for a considerable number of years, making her an overwhelming force in close combat. She is able to fight against Xinglou equally to a certain extent and satisfy her desire for combat.

Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Helga has enhanced physical ability and an aura known as prana.

  • Superb Prana Control: Helga is able to balance her prana during combat, enabling her to fight on non solid surfaces like water, a feat Hufeng describes as extremely difficult.